New Year, New Pleasures: Spice Up Your 2024 With These Sex-Positive Resolutions!

NYE is all about poppin’ bottles and poppin’ booties! 

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But, after the festivities are over and sore heads have subsided, it’s time to reflect on the year that was and the one that’s starting. Many people make (and, admittedly, break!) New Year’s resolutions to keep them on track to do better and be better for a happier and healthier twelve months.

Are you setting goals for 2024? Don’t forget about your sex life! Here are some sex-positive resolutions to make for improved intimacy whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Flying Solo

If your current status is single – lucky you! New evidence has shown that people without partners are often happier and more socially connected than their married or long-term-couple counterparts. Additionally, 40% of marriages end within the first 10 years (and if you think weddings are expensive, wait until you experience divorce!). It also comes with other cool benefits, like not having to compromise on what you want in the streets or in the sheets.

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In 2024, put your pleasure first by exploring new things and pushing your sexual boundaries. Here’s how to make this year your most pleasurable one yet – no plus-one necessary! 

1. Download a dating app

Before, there was just Tinder. Now, there are plenty of choices when it comes to dating apps which makes it even easier to find sexual or soul connections.
Reputable apps also include Hinge and Bumble, with Grindr catering to those in the LGBTQ+ community. Make your profile stand out with a cute but witty blurb and pictures that showcase you in your best light, living your best life.

2. Discover new self-boundaries

Have you ever found yourself engaging in a sexual act you weren’t really comfortable with? Not cool. By discovering what your boundaries are, it can be easier to voice what you’re keen to try and what is off-limits. It’s important that you and any partner consent to everything so you can have safe, healthy fun that brings pleasure and no pain (unless, of course, that’s what you’re both into!).

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3. Explore new ways to enjoy solo play 

A known way to relieve stress, masturbation should be on the menu regularly in 2024. While our fingers are a great way to get the job done, they are not battery-powered! This is where sex toys come in to do things that our hands just can’t. For females, there are a ton of options, from vibrating dildos to clitoral stimulators. For guys, try a hand-held masturbator or prostate massager to up the ante (excuse the pun 😉).


For many people, finding 'their person' is the ultimate goal, and there are good reasons for that. First, there's the rush of feel-good chemicals we experience during the early stages of love. Additionally, there is significant evidence showing that those who are married or in long-term partnerships are often more content. These aren't the only perks; married individuals tend to live an average of two years longer than singles and benefit from shared experiences and constant support.

Over time in relationships, however, things in the bedroom can turn stale. Shake things up in 2024 by making these your sex-positive resolutions.

1. Try new things as a couple

This doesn’t mean just going bungee jumping or wine tasting – although those are nice activities – but rather in your sex life. A lot of couples can become stuck in a rut and go for the same tried-and-trusted techniques every time. This year, get more adventurous when it comes to sexual positions (standing up? In the shower? Doggy style? Reverse cowgirl? All great options!). Forget playing footsie; how about using a panty vibrator in public with someone else controlling it? Yes, please!

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2. Communicate new desires + goals 

Anyone who is in a long-term relationship will tell you that the key to success is good communication. This applies to all areas of your life together, including your intimacy. We also grow and change over the years, as do our deepest desires. We should be able to communicate these to our partners without fear of judgment. Perhaps you want to introduce toys into your lovemaking? Or maybe you want to explore the world of bondage? This is your year to play!

3. Aim to be more spontaneous 

There are many reasons that couples find themselves scheduling their sex sessions. Children are a big factor, as are conflicting – or just exhausting! – work schedules. Over the next twelve months, shake things up and be spontaneous when it comes to Sexy Time, like a morning fondle or some ‘afternoon delight’. Other ways to be spontaneous could be sneaking off to the restrooms at an event or even a feel-up in a public place. Just make sure you’re stocked up on sex essentials to make your spontaneity safe & satisfying!

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Need help fulfilling your sex-positive resolutions for 2024? We gotchu. Explore our newest and naughtiest sex toys to get you ready for your most satisfying year yet.