The OneNightOnly Sex Guide: Spring Edition

After what’s felt like the longest winter ever, spring has (almost) sprung and the sun is making its long-awaited return. This year, add some spice to the warmer Spring season by taking your sex positions to refreshing new heights.

Here are five classics (plus the sex toys you need to elevate them). Have fun!

  1. Master The Missionary

Tried and tested, this old favourite gets you and your partner right up close for some serious skin-to-skin action. It requires minimal effort so both people are able to relax and enjoy the intimate experience. The problem? It isn’t the most exciting position out there. But the addition of some strategic sex toys and essentials can turn it from ‘meh’ to mind-blowing in a hot minute. 

Sex Position 1 - Missionary

TIP #1 Get the clitoris rearing and ready to go by applying the Shunga Secret Garden Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream during foreplay.

TIP #2 No penis? No problem! With the Happy Rabbit Vibrating Strap On Harness Set you can strap yourself in for sensationally sensual sex!

TIP #3 Another way to take the missionary position to another level is by using a couples toy, such as the We-Vibe Unite Couples Vibrator, which is slim enough to allow both partners to benefit from the stimulating vibrations deep inside.


  1. Take It To The Top

Instead of lying horizontally as you do when in the missionary position, with the Classic Cowgirl, the person on top sits up. This can enhance pleasure for them by giving them all the control when it comes to how they move and thrust. It’s also a great recovery position if someone needs a break – the bottom can just sit back and enjoy the show!

Sex Position 2 - Classic Cowgirl

TIP #1 Owner of a clit and enjoy being on top? Take it up a notch by giving your partner the Fifty Shades of Grey Sensation Vibrating Love Ring to stimulate your bean while you bang, whether their hands are tied or not.

TIP #2 No pussy? No problem! You can perfect this position by flipping your partner over to do it doggy style. Don’t forget to lube up with some Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide, first!

TIP #3 Take full control while you’re on top (with consent, obvs!). The Fifty Shades of Grey You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs will keep the person underneath you right where you want them.


  1. A Satisfying 69

Being an inclusive position that any couple can perform is just one of the reasons that the 69 is such a popular move. A level up from mutual masturbation and the perfect addition to your foreplay sessions, 69ing will get you both feeling primed and ready for action (if you even make it to the next step!)

Sex Position 3 - 69

TIP #1 Want to make sure that you always feel fresh and ready for action? Using a designated intimate cleanser, such as the Oske Fleur Intimate Wash, will keep your pH in check. Or make your downstairs even more delectable by applying something edible. A bit of the Durex Play Strawberry Lube or Splash Taste Berry Flavoured Water-Based Lube will do the trick.

TIP #2 For Him: Level up your blowjob skills with our wide range of Male Masturbators. From oral and anal to vibrating and even sucking, you won't struggle to find his perfect fit!

TIP #3 For Her: Cunnilingus got your tongue in a twist? Blow her mind with one of our Clitoral Suction Vibrators, for bigger, bolder and more oooh-some orgasms!


  1. Close And Connected

A well-known tantric sex position, Close Encounter, with one person sitting on top of the other allows you to get up close and personal with your partner as you can hold each other in a tight embrace. It also makes rocking back and forth to your carnal rhythm that much easier.

Sex Position 4 - Close Encounter

TIP #1 A great way to get your partner in the mood for intimacy is to work some magic on their muscles, first. The Je Joue Luxury Scented Massage Candle has fragrance notes that are known aphrodisiacs.

TIP #2 Don’t have a dick? Go strapless with the Fun Factory Sharevibe Strapless Dildo and you too can be the proud owner of a pecker – perfect for penetration and pegging.

TIP #3 With the butts out and available for some action in this position, there’s a sex toy for that!

For Her: The Rocks-Off Cocktail Remote-Controlled Couples’ Anal Vibrator can be popped up the back door for some extra sensations.

For Him: Share the vibe with the Rocks-Off The Vibe Anal Vibrator designed to accommodate your partner along with its slender insertable anal shaft. Win win!


  1. Get a Leg Up

Or, rather, make that both legs! This position might require some strength and stamina, but it also provides you with front or backdoor options. Another reason to love this move? It allows for even more penetration for a deeper thrust each and every time. If you’re underneath, put a pillow under your butt to lift your pelvis, making it easier for bae to bonk.

Sex Position 5 - The Captain

TIP #1 Get comfortable. Make sure that you are hitting the right spot with the Steamy Shades Inflatable Positioning WedgeWith its non-slippage exterior, this pillow is the perfect sex position aid.

TIP #2 Need to take a break from holding legs in the air? Simply cuff them together with the Fifty Shades of Grey Bound To You Ankle Cuffs to take the load off. Excuse the pun.

TIP #3 Do you believe you can fly? If you’re feeling brave, take this position out of the bed and into the Joydivision Multi Vario Love Swing for a next-level aerial experience.