Introducing Dame – The Sex Toy Brand On A Mission To Eradicate "The Pleasure Gap"

Every year on 8 March, International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe. We have been observing this holiday since 1913 – 110 years! – which was born of the peace movement that started just before the outbreak of World War I. The aim was to gain equality as well as the right to vote after a lifetime of being deemed less valuable than their male counterparts.

Why International Women’s Day matters

This international holiday is the biggest one associated with the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to the political, social, economical and cultural achievements of women as well as issues still plaguing them, such as gender equality, reproductive rights and gender-based violence. While there is still a lot of work to be done and awareness to be spread, many strides have been made to get us closer to reshaping the patriarchal structures on which society is built.

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Feminism isn't going anywhere and the movement continues to grow. Thanks to trailblazers past and present, women continue to be granted more and more access to what was once a man’s world. After the invention of the birth control pill in the 1960s – which coincided with second-wave feminism – ladies were also now able to take their sexual pleasure into their own hands without having to worry about becoming pregnant. And it only took a decade for sex toys to become mainstream in the 1970s.

Dame: Where wellness & pleasure meet

At Dame, all the research, development and design of their sex toys are done by women. The company was founded in 2014 by two accomplished ladies with the development of Eva, the most crowdfunded sex toy in history, and in 2016 their second product, Fin, was the first sex toy allowed on Kickstarter. The duo are committed to changing the way sexual wellness and pleasure are understood and experienced. Their lead product engineer, Julia Lopez, believes that “sexual pleasure and health shouldn’t be treated as a luxury.” They also want to change the fact that females experience less arousal and fewer orgasms than guys. Because that’s no way to live!


A brand that values feedback from its consumers, Dame is always looking for ways to improve, elevate and innovate so that it can produce sex toys that make a difference in people’s sex lives. This will, in turn, boost their overall wellness. The savvy women who run it know that crowdsourcing is key when it comes to getting the insights necessary to produce the perfect line of sex toys. And it’s safe to say they’ve done just that! In their inclusive range, they have a vibrator for couples, a wanda bullet and one targeting the G-spot.

Arc G-Spot Vibrator | Dame

They also have everything you need to make your sexual encounters comfortable, including an arousal serum, lube, body wipes, sex oil and a toy cleaner.



Want to exercise your right to experience next-level orgasms this International Women’s Day? Dame is the brand that puts female pleasure first. They have a collection of discreet and waterproof sex toys and sexual wellness products to ensure that your playtime – both together and solo – always leave you satisfied. Your pleasure, after all, is their purpose! This International Women’s Day, we celebrate Dame and the women working to close the orgasm gap one novel invention (and MANY steamy sessions) at a time.