Upgrade your solo sessions from 'meh' to Masturbation 2.0

As most people with genitals know, you don’t need a plus one to reach climax. All you need is your hand. While different from intercourse, masturbation – which is celebrated in May as Masturbation Month – can be just as satisfying and a lot more practical.

While masturbation has likely been a fixture of human existence since the beginning of time, it has spent most of that time shrouded in shame despite playing a significant role in the creation story of Ancient Egypt and can even be seen in rock paintings. But while it may have been seen as normal back in the day, for hundreds of years leading up until the present it has been regarded as taboo. This is despite the fact that statistics indicate that 78% of adults partake in this solo activity on a *very* regular basis.

Beating off for your brain and body

From the 17th century onwards, masturbation was considered immoral and thought to be the cause of many diseases. These were both of the mental and physical variety, including developing hairy palms, going blind or going totally insane.

The attempts to prevent self-pleasure even inspired John Kellogg, the creator of breakfast cereals, to recommend people eat a bowl instead.

Today, however, we know that masturbation actually has benefits for both body and mind. From a physical standpoint, it can aid reproductive health, improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce blood pressure. Psychologically, it can reduce stress, help with sleep and releases feel-good hormones, which can uplift your mood. Solo exploration can also help you establish your sexual likes and dislikes and feel more confident about your body. Now you can roll up your sleeves and indulge, guilt-free!

Modern masturbation

Fast forward to the 21st century and we have, and continue to, harness the power of technology. The sex toy industry continues to grow and innovate. This means that there are now tons of solutions to take your solo sessions to the next level.

For the ladies

Statistics indicate that women masturbate, on average, eight times a month. And while many feel that their fingers are sufficient, there’s no denying that the addition of powerful sex toys has made the act of masturbation a lot more efficient!

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There are also several to choose from to make your ‘alone time’ more pleasurable. Dildos can help to extend your reach so that you always hit the spot. Vibrators also come in different varieties, such as classic bullets for clitoral play, wands for intense vibrations and massage, rabbits for dual stimulation, G-spot massagers for internal stimulation and clit-sucking versions that use the power of air to tickle your fancy. Add some lube and let your sex toys get to work while you enjoy the good vibrations.


For the gents
It should come as no surprise that men lead the way when it comes to masturbation. Around 20% claim to go on a date with Palmela Handerson three to four times a week, with many admitting to doing the five-finger shuffle almost daily. And while most guys cope perfectly well with a few pumps of lotion and some strategic strokes, there are sex toys that can make the experience even more exciting.
When it comes to male masturbators, there are various kinds to choose from. These range from the standard vibrating type to suction models that simulate blow job sensations. There are even disposable ones that make the ideal travel companion and offer pleasure on the go. Not limited to the penis only, prostate massagers – inserted with care and plenty of lube – can also level-up your party of one.

Regardless of what the history books say, masturbating is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, considering all the benefits, you should probably be touching yourself even more regularly! This is why, in May 1995, Masturbation Month was established so that people were reminded of and could honour their right to play with themselves. Because if you can’t satisfy yourself, how are you going to satisfy someone else? (Amen!)