How to Keep It Cool in the Streets AND Between the Sheets This Summer

It might be March and we’re moving swiftly towards autumn but the temperatures are soaring anyway – lucky us! That being said, it’s important to make the most of the balmy days and nights while they last. The summer months, after all, are the sexiest time of the year – between showing off some skin and being slightly sweaty, it’s perfect for daters and couples to spend most of their time undressed and uninhibited.
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Enjoy the last of the sunny weather by ensuring that your sexual encounters are all exciting ones! Here’s how to keep your cool while bringing the heat in – and out – the bedroom.

In the streets
When you’re out and about, especially if you’re single and ready to mingle and are meeting new people, it can elevate your stress levels. There are, however, ways to help you stay cool when your heart rate starts to rise. First – breathe! Everyone gets nervous when it comes to dating. It’s also a good idea to do some prep beforehand so that you have your cool moves and musings down when you lock eyes with someone hot across a crowded room.

Regardless of which gender or genders you’re attracted to, something that people
universally gravitate to is people with confidence. Make sure you exude it and present yourself as a desirable individual by not laying it on too thick, making – and maintaining – eye contact, having interesting topics to discuss and wearing a *killer* outfit that makes you feel irresistible!

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Seen someone you fancy in public? Why not make the first move? It’s important to maintain your composure. Also, ditch the cheesy pick–up lines and opt for sincere compliments instead. If the other person looks or feels uncomfortable, back off. If they smile and thank you, consider it an opportunity to engage in a
conversation. This can help you secure a second date or, depending on what you’re both in the mood for, a sexy bedroom session. Or both. Yay!

In the sheets
In order to get your crush between the sheets, you’ve already had to lay down some groundwork. But this doesn’t stop if you want to keep it cool in the bedroom as well. Make sure you are well-versed and rehearsed to perform your sexiest moves so that you don’t appear nervous or inexperienced. This doesn’t mean,
however, that you should feel uncomfortable and, if you are, feel free to speak up
and address it.
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Now, one of the downsides of summer is the scorching heat. We know that sexual
activity *totally* counts as a sport with a romp burning up to 300 calories! This
means that, in the bedroom, you can become hot and bothered when things get hot and heavy. Not a vibe.

A fun way to literally keep your cool in the bedroom is by using products that create a cooling sensation on your body. Yes, these exist! These range from metal and glass toys, like butt plugs and nipple clamps (which can be refrigerated so they are extra chilled) to cooling lubricants. Don’t forget to wear less clothing
and more sexy and revealing lingerie too.

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And you know what else is cool? Making sure that both you and your partner are protected by using condoms. They will keep you as safe as possible from sexually transmitted diseases so that you stay healthy, happy and horny for the rest of summer (and beyond).

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