Getting Handsy: A Beginner's Guide to Masturbation

How often do you touch yourself? According to a large 2018 global survey, 78% of adults engage in this act of autoeroticism. For many people, masturbation can start in their youth and is often their first experience with the pleasure that self-love can provide. It’s also the best way to learn not just about your anatomy but what feels good to your body, which can better enable you to teach your partners what you enjoy between the sheets. Because, as they say, knowledge is power (and can lead to some pretty powerful orgasms!).
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First-hand experience
There are SO many reasons that people masturbate, the most common one being triggering the happy hormones and all the feelings that go along with orgasms. Other common reasons include releasing tension, falling asleep better afterwards, learning about your body, and meeting your sexual needs. While there have been tons of myths surrounding this act of self-gratification – some of them centuries old – such as growing hairy palms or going blind – none of them are true.

Not only is frequent self-pleasure not bad for you, it also has a handful of benefits! Some of them are reducing stress and tension, boosting your mood and focus, alleviating aches and pains, and improving your sleep.

These days, many people rely on their sex toy collections to get them to climax during a masturbation sesh. This is totally fine and there are plenty toys out there that can level up the sensations and get you there quickly with minimal effort.
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Our hands, however, are the most powerful and cost-effective tools we have (AND you don’t need to charge them – they are always ready and available!).

A hands-on approach
Of course, different genitals react positively to different kinds of stimulation, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Got a penis? Prevent friction by adding something slippery to your shaft. You can incorporate temperature play by using cooling or warming lube or even ice cubes from the freezer! While the most popular type of handjob is one that requires up-and-down motion and a bit of arm stamina, playing with speed and edging – or slowing down just before climax and then speeding up again – can intensify your orgasm.
  • Got a vagina? You have more bits to stimulate – lucky you! Explore your body using lubricant to correctly identify your clitoris and locate your G-Spot, as people can experience intense orgasms from both of these sensitive erogenous zones. Not sure where the latter is? If you are lying down, insert your finger and point it upward to feel for that spongy area – this is it! Experiment with outer and inner stimulation or, if you’re dexterous, try them at the same time, to see what makes you most moist.
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Touchy-feely toys
Once you have mastered the art of hands-on gratification, you might find that your fingers and wrist need a break. They are, after all, not battery-powered! When this happens, it’s time to reach for the beginner's toy box. For people with vaginas, some great options are discreet finger vibrators or compact bullet vibrators. If you are the proud owner of a penis, you can get an extra kick by using a vibrating cock ring for some good vibrations or a handheld masturbator for more lifelike sensations.

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If you want to explore the different sex toys available to take your solo sessions to sizzling new heights, we recommend reading our blog on upgrading your solo sessions from meh to masturbation 2.0, to discover the various types so you can find your perfect match.

Sure, there’s evidence that reveals that people have been using sex toys since ancient times. But you know what we’ve been using all along? Our hands. So, if you want to touch yourself, why not do it the tried, trusted, and timeless way?