Delay Spray | Malesation

R 299

Last longer with Malesation Delay Spray. This spray delays his ejaculation, allowing him to last longer. It contains natural ingredients and the formulation feels great during sex.

Malesation Delay Spray is a quick and easy way to prolong the pleasure. This spray has been formulated with natural ingredients that cause a gentle numbing effect. This delays ejaculation, powers up his performance and allows him to last longer.

We do recommend using this delay spray with a condom so that it doesn’t affect your partner’s sensitive mucous membranes, alternatively, we recommend waiting a few minutes for the spray to take effect. 

This spray containsLaureth-9, Avena Sativa Kernel, and Hypericum Perforatum Extract. It’s easily dispensed thanks to the handy bottle and you can apply it moments before you play for the promise of a prolonged session.

Product Features: 

  • Size: 40 ml
  • Contains: Laureth-9, Avena Sativa Kernel & Hypericum Perforatum Extract
  • Water-based

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