Back Door Comfort Water-Based Anal Glide | Pjur

R 399

This is proof that the lovely folk down at Pjur really know what they are doing. Add a dollop of Back Door to your coupling, and you’re all set for comfort, pleasure and prolonged play. This is good stuff, people!

The secret behind Back Door anal lubricant is Hyaluron. This ingredient is specially added to Pjur water based lubricants to bind water together. The result is blissful water cushions that pad your play, sending you on the slippery slope to bottom bliss. This lubricant lingers longer, and is perfect for anal newbies, intermediate players and pros. It’s safe for use with condoms and can be used with your favourite anal toys if you’re in the mood for a sexy switch-up. This formulation leaves your skin moisturised and pampered for a post-pleasure glow.

Product Features:

  • Liquid Size: 100 ml
  • Water based
  • Flavour / Scent: None
  • Extra Moisturizing Hyaluronan
  • Designed for Anal Intercourse
  • Odorless
  • Neutral In Taste
  • Safe To Use With Condoms

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