The Science of a *Scary* Good Orgasm

Sexual gratification is one of life’s biggest drives. But, as there is in other facets of society, there is a difference in the way that men and women experience things in the bedroom. The orgasm gap refers to the fact that while 95% of men climax during sexual activity only 65% of their female partners were experiencing the same gratification. Spooky season or not, the stark difference is pretty horrifying!

Anthony Perkins Horror GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre

There is, however, a science to pleasure and, by following the formula of arousal,
that gap can be significantly narrowed or even closed so that all parties achieve
next-level orgasms and are SCREAMING in ecstasy.

Here’s how it’s done:

Stage #1: Smile
For ladies who want to make their partner grin with delight, all it really takes is a flirty look and some sexy lingerie to set the mood.

Back view of model wearing Marita Structured Harness Set | Demoniq

For guys who want to rip the undies off and get straight down to business, slow
down! Numbers show that when men take the time to engage in foreplay, the
likelihood of their lady achieving orgasm rises substantially. And the more time that is dedicated to this, the greater the chances (and the better the pleasure!). While foreplay can be anything from light touching to heavy petting, the inclusion of sex toys *always* makes it better!

A great way to build up to a night of naughty antics is with either a panty vibrator or remote-controlled love egg for her or a male masturbator for him. This way, you can build up the tension before you even reach the bedroom! Finger vibrators can also get the juices flowing prior to any *ahem* penetration. 

Edeny App-Controlled Clitoral Vibrator | Svakom - Violet inserted in exclusive customized panties

Stage #2: Moan
For the next phase, it’s time to turn up the heat with tricks and treats! Couples vibrators are a good option to use in Phase Two as both sets of genitals can be
stimulated at the same time. Another discreet but ingenious way to heighten female pleasure is by slipping on a vibrating cock ring so that both inside and outside are being stimulated simultaneously for maximum pleasure for all.

Sensation Rechargeable Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring | Fifty Shades in hand

Feel like you’re getting close? This might be a good time to practice the art of edging. This is when you stop what you’re doing before reaching climax and wait a minute before getting going again. It’s said that this technique can not just lengthen your romping sessions but also lead to more satisfying sex. Yes, please!

Stage #3: Scream
After following the first two stages, the groundwork has been well and truly laid to
elicit a screaming orgasm – yay! During this final stretch, both of you should be in
sync and well on the road to climax. It might just take a few advanced moves and
strategic sex toy usage to get you there.

If you and your partner are into it, it’s a great time to haul out your BDSM kit and accessories. From floggers and paddles to handcuffs and nipple clamps, there are plenty of options to take the pleasure up to full throttle.

Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set | Fifty Shades of Grey

Both open to some back-door fun? Anal toys are popular with men and women
and range from vibrators to butt plugs, all of which can increase the sensations and have your partner screaming for more. If you’re lucky, you might even locate the elusive A-Spot!

Romp Amp Anal Beads between models fingers

Not just the stuff of porn clips, the screaming orgasm is within your grasp. You just
need the right moves and the right toys to guarantee a scary-good time!