The OneNightOnly Holiday Gift Guide to Better Sex!

Welcome to our holiday gift guide to get those juices flowing.

With the season in full swing, why not think outside the standard gift box and focusing on the bedroom - or kitchen counter, or balcony, or shower, or wherever it is you feel the need to make your sex life more fun - with whoever it is that you’re into!

After all, that is where the magic happens, getting the endorphins going - and we all deserve some of those after the year we’ve had.

With this gift guide we hope to give you plenty of ideas to explore your sexuality in a safe, fun and healthy way. And we hope you’ll find whatever floats your boat or flicks your candle (pun intended!)

Let’s get to it !



One of the easiest items to make things more enjoyable is the use of lubricant. We all know by now that to enjoy sex, we need to be psychologically on board to get turned on, and even then, sometimes things can still feel a bit too dry down there. Same goes for back-door fun. It needs the right lubrication to be enjoyable.

All our lubes are water based made with natural ingredients and as few chemicals as are necessary.


Vibrators / sex toys

Saving one orgasm-craved vagina at a time

We recommend to start with whichever toy looks most inviting (and unintimidating) to you,   and work your way up to the more advanced ones in time. You can begin by deciding what it is exactly you are after: external stimulation or penetration, or both, and then decide from there.

A regular vibrator is a good start if penetration is what does it for you, as they have variable vibration modes regarding intensity and size, so there’s loads of room to experiment to your liking. Perhaps don’t start too big in size, but that is obviously a personal preference.

For external stimulation, a bullet vibrator or clitoral sucker is a top recommendation as they are used for clitoral pleasure mainly and are a lot smaller and discreet then a regular vibrator. It is true when they say that dynamite comes in small packages, as these babies look innocent but will send you to places you’ve only ever imagined! Some are more discreet without the general vibrating sound, which can come in handy if that makes you uncomfortable as a newbie user.

Anal sex toys can add a whole other dimension to your sex life but is often the area we are the most cautious to explore, because frankly, we do not know what/where/how exactly it works. But anal toys are designed to safely stimulate the many nerve endings we have in our anus, which makes them powerful for both sexes.

Anal Beads are a great way to start and can be used solo, or as a couple. They vary in size so it’s less intimidating at first and can be gradually increased once you get used to the sensation.


Butt Plugs

Literally as the name suggests, a device you stick in your butt for a more intense stimulation. The end that you insert gradually gets thicker in size so you can decide how much you can handle as a first-time user. The handle allows it to be removed easily  depending, of course, how long you want to be in a state of bliss.


Cock Rings

A cock ring stretches over the penis and provides stimulation to both partners during penetrative intercourse. Some cock rings vibrate, while others provide arousal based on their shape and texture. All in all, it is a win-win for both parties involved. Cock rings are quite affordable and a great starting point for your first sex toy purchase.


Couples vibrators

Usually C-shaped, they are designed to fit comfortably into a vagina for penetration and clitoral pleasure, while being worn around the penis for the male partner’s satisfaction. So it’s pleasurable all round. And if watching your partner is what you’re into, look for one that comes with a handy remote.



A term used to describe certain aspects of sex that can be split into these major groups: bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and masochism. Basically all things “kinky” to help you create a fantasy that you may want to experience with your partner in real life.

50 Shades of Grey did wonders there! Teasing, pleasing, restraint and slight pain is what it is all about.

Just always remember to be mutually consenting in anything you do - and have a safe word! 


We hope this puts a fun and exciting spin on gift giving this year - be it from you or for you!