Temperature Temptations & Winter Warmers

Winter is upon us, and there really is nothing better than taking advantage of the cooler weather by staying in and, even better, under the covers. This month, with all the more excuse to get warm and cosy, alone or with a partner, we’re bringing the heat with a range of products designed to fire up your playtime, all in the name of temperature play. What is that? We thought you’d never ask!

Video gif. A flustered nun fans herself with one hand as she takes a deep breath in.

Temperature play is a form of sensory stimulation that can enhance intimacy and arousal. It involves the deliberate application of hot or cold stimuli on the body to evoke thrilling sensations. By alternating between hot and cold, you can create a contrast that intensifies pleasure and heightens sensitivity. The goal is to indulge in a wide range of experiences that explore the boundaries of pleasure and ignite a deeper connection with your partner.

One exciting way to engage in temperature play is through hot candle wax massages. As the warm liquid wax drips onto the skin, it creates a deliciously sensual experience. The mild heat stimulates nerve endings, producing a pleasurable mixture of relaxation and arousal. The sensation of the wax solidifying and gently peeling away adds an element of anticipation and sensuality. Remember to use special massage candles designed for this purpose to ensure safety and comfort.


If warm wax seems a tad adventurous for you, then we recommend a warming massage oil as a way to introduce the concept of temperature play to the bedroom. Not only will you experience the rush of heat across your skin, having your partner’s warm hands massaging you will elevate the sensuality even further. You could even experiment with taking turns so that no one misses out.


In contrast to hot candle wax and massage oils, ice or cool steel toys can offer an exhilarating and refreshing experience. Simply running these over the skin can create a thrilling sensation that stimulates the nerves and awakens the senses. The cold temperature can elicit goosebumps and intensify sensitivity, heightening pleasure and anticipation. Experimenting with gentle strokes or combining ice play with other forms of stimulation can add a unique and arousing dimension to your intimate encounters. Another hot (or rather, cool) tip? Using a block of ice - or even better, frozen chocolate - and melting it between your and your partner’s mouths. 


As far as those ‘other forms of stimulation’ are concerned, we have a range of products designed with temperature play in mind, from warming lubes to scented massage candles and heating vibrators. Simply take a look at our hot list of recommended products and let your intuition guide you to what feels right and tickles your fancy. By introducing products like these to your love life, you are limited only by your imagination. Whether you prefer the sensation of something cold against your warm skin, or enjoy a stroke of something warm, we’ve got something for you. Not quite sure which you prefer? Why not try both? After all, it may be winter now, but summer will be back again, bringing with it a whole host of new temperature play opportunities to experiment with!