The Love Glove | Oxballs

R 1,115

The Oxballs Love Glove adds exciting texture to your partner play. The fingers each have their own unique texture, and it adds an element of surprise to your partner as it delivers unexpected sensations - one finger at a time.

The Love Glove transforms your hand into pure ecstasy. Each finger treats your partner to a unique experience that will have them begging for more. This flexible glove is designed to fit most hand sizes and once it’s on, you can get as creative as your imagination allows for a truly hands-on experience.

This glove can be used in combination with a range of Oxballs toys for maximum pleasure. It is non-toxic and you can add a water based lubricant for enhanced pleasure, extra comfort and supercharged sensations. This product is a favourite with fans of the brand, and you’ll love the variety it offers.

Product Features:

  • 5 different Textures
  • Super Soft FLEXtpr
  • Glossy Smooth & Slick
  • Best with water based lubricant
  • Reversible
  • Fits most hands

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