Quickshot Shower Mount Adapter | Fleshlight

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The Fleshlight Shower Mount Adaptor is an essential accessory for Fleshlight fans who love a steamy shower session. It connects your Quickshot stroker to your Shower Mount for easy hands-free play.

You can now invite your Quickshot into the shower for wet and wild water fun. This shower mount adaptor connects your Shower Mount (SOLD SEPARATELY) to your Quickshot for instant pleasure. Once connected to the Shower Mount, this accessory allows you to attach your Quickshot to the smooth, clean walls and tiles in your shower for hands-free pleasure. It has a transparent design and is easily cleaned and maintained.

Simply remove both caps from your Quickshot toy and screw on your Shower Mount Adaptor. Once they’re both in place, attach your toy to a clean, flat surface for any time play. This is a great accessory for Fleshlight fans who just can’t get enough of their toy and want to explore it beyond the bedroom. It adapts your toy for water play, adding a whole new element of fun to your Fleshlight.

Product Features:

  • Transparent
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Attachment for QuickShots Only

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