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Fun Factory B-Balls Duo:

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B Balls is part anal beads and part butt plug, and responds to the motion of your body for pure anal bliss.

This toy has rotating weights that move with your body – this means a super set of sensation without the need for a motor, batteries or a power charge. B Balls are quiet, and can be used whenever the mood takes you. They come in Purple or Black and Pink.

Simply insert to begin the wave of anal ecstasy. The more intense your movements, the wilder the ride – he’ll enjoy an anal and prostate massage while she’ll enjoy a tighter feel. B Ball is a bedroom beauty that boosts his-and-hers bottom play. In odorless medical grade silicone, we think this plug should definitely form part of your sex toy collection.

Product Features:

  • East to Clean
  • Wonderful sensation of fullness
  • Rotating inner balls follow the motions of the user
  • Can be discreetly and invisibly worn
  • Odorless
  • Whisper quiet
  • Suitable for foreplay and preparing for bigger fun
  • 100% medical-grade silicone and body-friendly ASB plastic
  • Length of both balls 12.5 cm
  • Ball: 3.2 cm and 3.6 cm

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